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first entry of the year!!!! XD
and i wanna say HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY SAKURAI SHO!!!!! *throws cake*
may you be more generous, more mature, more handsome, more flexible  and please do more skinship with nino
well, because i'm just a poor-miserable-high-school-student, so i can't give you anything m(_ _)m
BUT, i'll give you this one!! XD enjoy!

Title : wrong strategy
Pairing : Ninomiya Kazunari x Sakurai Sho
Rating : PG-slight R (pervy me, hehe :p)
Note : I don’t have any of these. neither arashi, the building, nor the sofa. I just own the plot 
And sorry for the grammatical errors, English isn’t my daily language :D


It’s 02.43 already, and he’s in the middle of his dream when suddenly he felt his phone rang as a sign that someone called him. He saw the caller’s name, and answered the phone.


“s-shokun? S-sorry for calling you in such an hour …” the man on the other line asked him politely, since he knew that isn’t polite to call someone in the middle of the night.

“ah its okay nino. What’s wrong?” the newscaster asked him, making sure that he’s alright. What’s wrong with his voice? It sounds … hoarse. And suddenly he remembered that on the previous days nino had done every hard exercise on the gym for his next movie project.Maybe … he’s sick?

“ … I know it sounds like a 4 years old kindergarten girl, but … I have a nightmare, a scary one …” nino’s voice started to tremble again. The newscaster felt something wrong with his bandmate. As an arashi’s mama, sho has the guts to protect the other member when it comes to a situation like this. “nino I’ll be there in 10 minutes okay? Just wait for me …”

“okay …” and he hung up the phone


Knock knock …

Nino opened his apartment’s door, and saw his bandmate in front of him, still wearing pajamas and still has a bed hair. Without any delay he hugged the older man and put all of his weight on sho’s chest.

“N-nino!” seemed still a little confuse, he hugged the other man back. “hey, what happened?” he closed the door softly. And managed nino to the nearest sofa there. His eyes both closed, his hands trembling, sweats went down from his temple, his cheek become redder than usual, his face was close-to-a-zombie pale. when he put his hands on his temple, it’s burning hot. Geez, how could it be this hot?“nino, you’ve got a fever!!”

“n-no, it’s because the nightmare, i-I’m not sick …” now he sure sick

“you are sick nino, come on, let’s go to the bedroom …” sho manage to take nino to his bedroom, but nino seemed too weak to even walk. So sho decide to carry him with a bridal style to his bed room. After put him to his bed, he pulled the blanket to cover his trembling body. The newscaster immediately put a thermometer that he brought from his house since he knew that nino doesn’t have any. Then He walked to nino’s wardrobe and searched a small towel and rushed to the kitchen. He put some cold water in a bowl and added some ice there. He put the small towel on the bowl and went back to nino’s room.When he came back, he heard a ‘beep’ sound. He pulled the thermometer and checked it. His eyes widen when he read the result. 38.7°C? Slowly he put the small towel on nino’s forehead, hoping that it would help decrease his temperature. Next He searched the medicine, on the kitchen, on the living room, but he can’t find any. Then he searched it on his drawer, and luckily he found it, that precious medicine, then he walked back to the kitchen to take some water and back to nino’s room.

“here … eat your medicine …” nino opened his eyes, even just a little, but he shook his head instead of drank that medicine “I told you I’m not sick sho-kun …”

“butnino, you are sick …”

“I told you I’m not, sho!” nino shouted him. seeing the younger man being that stubborn, he decided to do it by his way. He tapped nino on the shoulder, and when the younger man turn his head, he suddenly put his lips on nino’s along with the medicine. The shocked ninomiya couldn’t use his brain properly for 3 seconds or more, but finally he gulped that medicine before he let those lips stayed on his for a longer time “t-that’s better …” sho smiled when he patted nino’s head. And he put the glass on nino’s desk.

“the medicine has aside-effect, so you will feel sleepy in another 5 or 10 minutes. So … I think I gotta go now …” sho turned his body, but suddenly, a stubby grip caught his wrist

“stay… please?” he said in a soft tone

“but I …”

“please sho-kun, how if that nightmares comes again?” his voice starts to shaking again. Sho sighed in lose, then he took a position beside the gamer. And as sho lie down beside him, nino close the distance between them, put his head right in front of sho’s face. If only nino knew that this position made sho’s heart flutter for more since he did that ‘accidently’ kiss. Sho felt his cheeks got more heat than when he arrived here. Suddenly nino tuckedsho’s pajama’s

“sho-kun …”


“thank you” he said while facing the newscaster. Sho saw he had more color on his face than 30 minutes ago. Then he brushes his fingers on the gamer’s hair “your welcome …” and the younger man smiled back at him. His eyes looked so heavy

“ne, nino, what nightmare did you see?” the newscaster still brushing his finger on nino’s hair. the gamer lift his head and threw a glance on the sloppy-shoulder man. “my nightmare was, me and you were walking on a park, well, it’s more like city park. we were having a walk together. And we sat on a bench in that park. We’re talking much there. And you asked if we should go for a dinner. Before I could answer it, suddenly something came from the bushes, like monsters! and it pulled you there and you didn’t come back and … and …” cold sweats started to running down from his temple again

“ssh .. I’m here I’m here …” the older man tapped the gamer’s back. he's cute, too cute for sure. a soft grin started to appeared on his lips. Nino pulled him closer, so his nose tip was just millimeters left from sho’s

“so I called you .. “ nino shift his gaze to the newscaster so his lost-puppy-like eyes could be seen by sho. “… thank you for coming sho-chan” he snuggle deeper to the older man’s crook, and sho pulled him to his chest.

“and thank you too for worrying me …” nino just let a smirk appeared from the corner of his lips. Then, he yawned

“see? The medicine’s effect started to appear …”

“I know I know …” he looked up at sho again, and suddenly pecked his cheek lightly “…oyasumi~” and slowly closed his eyes . Sho, on the other hand, still remained in the same position like when nino kissed him. But his brain worked again, and that shocked face turned to a big grin. heangled his head and captured nino’s lips “I love you”


He’s wake up, but he hasn’t get up yet. He felt cold, alone on a big bed. His hands kept moving on his left, searching for something missing. He pulled the blanket but still didn’t find what he searched.

“morning, sleepyhead” suddenly sho popped out from the door

“ah sho-kun, good morning” nino rubbed his eyes in such a sinful way. Then sho walked towards him and sat beside him. “feeling better?” sho put his hands on nino’s forehead. Nino just nodded as an answer. Sho will swear to god that the gamer looks so damn cute. His bed hair was there, and his eyes were still half-opened, those pouty lips and collar bone. He’s so pretty.  He thanked god he wasn’t passing out at that moment.

“now, go to the bathroom and get shower. I’ve prepared the breakfast …” nino furrowed his eyebrows on his last sentences

“you … made the breakfast?”

“umm … well no, I called the restaurant to take it here. Why?”

“ah I see. Because, if you cooked the breakfast …” nino stared at sho’s eyes thoughtfully “ … I’m sure I’ll smell something burnt on my kitchen” and he gained a whack on his head by the newscaster. Thanks god he’s recovered


“ah~ hamburger!!” nino exclaimed happily. He sat on the dining chair and took his hamburger on his hamburger hands.

“hey sho-kun, how do you know I want this?” he asked in an enthusiastic tone

“since I know you won’t eat anything beside that when recover from your sick” sho smiled him, and replied with a warm one by nino

“itadakimasu~” he put the hamburger on his mouth and started to munch it. Sho just let a satisfied smile came across his lips. Nino ate the hamburger with a smile on his face, like he didn’t eat that for years.

“sho-chan, you won’t eat?” he asked. Sho just shook his head “I have mine, now I just need to keep an eye on your food spending, kazunari …” he said. Nino’s heart’s pounding faster when he heard sho called him with his first name.

“eh? But I think we’ll have breakfast together…”nino pouted

“well, sorry then. I think you won’t be this fresh this morning, because last night you look terribly sick ...” sho put his hands on nino’s shoulder “… that’s why I’m glad you can sat here and eat that hamburger with me” sho cupped nino’s temple and walked to the kitchen. Nino can’t hide his cheek change its colour when the rapper cupped him. Well, it’s normal to him to give a light peck on the cheek to other members, but it kinda rare if he’s the one who is kissed. And, what makes thing more special is, it’s the newscaster who kissed him, since he knew that sho was the least member with skinship history. Now he looks like an idiot, grinning wide to himself. In the kitchen, sho’s blushing, almost like a boiled crab. W-what have I done? I shouldn’t kiss him all the time, right? Come on Sho what’s wrong with you? Okay, now, go back to the dining room, clean the table, and say sorry to nino for your foolish thing. Yeah, do it now.Then he decided to do his sudden task. He came to the dining room, cleaned the table, and sat next to nino who wassitting on the carpet in the living room, dancing his thumb on his baby blue DS. Okay now, face him, say sorry, and live as usual. Okay, there you go …

“nino i--“

“nesho-kun …” nino cut the older man words, paused his game, and stared at the man with a serious look. sho's heart almost jumped when he heard nino talk to him in that tone “last night, why did you kiss me all of sudden, you old sappy man?And after that you muttered something close to ‘ I love you’ or something, right? Don’t you ever think that I’m not aware to something like that …”sho’s cheek immediately blushed in second. He suddenly jumped from the sofa, and started blabbering unconsciously

“… t-that’s what i’m going to say to you, i-I’m sorry. I-I don’t know w-what’s wrong with me last night. I-I just b-brought you medicine, p-put a small towel on y-your forehead, l-lie down next to you, and … and I don’t know … I j-just--“

“SHO-CHAN!” nino shouted him and took the newscaster back to the world again. “ … I just need a short explanation, okay?”

Sho stared at the gamer for a second, then he let a deep sigh run out from his lips. He sat down, right in front of the gamer “i-it’s like … well, I don’t know either, but it’s like there’s something in me that told me to … do that … and it’s weird but ..it feels so … right …” now sho’s face completely blushing red. Nino, on the other side felt his cheek gained more colour when sho finished his sentences. But his blushy face faded away when an evil thought came to his mind and he did it almost in the time he got it.

“ah~ sho-chan is so mean. I was fallen asleep and you kissed me? That’s not proper sho-chan …”nino threw his head to the right and let his bratty side appeared this time, in a time when sho think it won’t

“that’s why I’m sorry …” sho threw his glance to his right so he shouldn’t see the gamer’s eyes.

“… so kiss me properly then.” Nino said in aflat tone

“okay, it’s just a ki—wait, KISS? how- but- uh- HUH?”

“yeah, just count this as a sign that I’ve forgive you …”nino then crossed his legs and waited for the other man’s response. Sho’s heart almost stopped beating at that moment. Because, come on, he just said that he’s sorry for kissed him, but now nino asked him to kissed him properly. God must be crazy

“yeah, it’s okay if you don’t want to, I can just told the other th--” nino turned his head, but suddenly something pulled his chin and he felt a pair of cold lips pressed his. His eyes still opened ‘cause still shocked because of the sudden movement.But the next 12 seconds he closed his eyes and blend with the kiss. Sho put his right hand on nino’s nape and left hand on the floor to support his body to not fell on nino’s top. And nino put both his hands on sho’s chest pulling his t-shirt. Sho started to trace nino’s bottom lip and nibble it lightly

“sho-chan~” nino’s cheek looks absolutely pinkish as sho kept on teasing his lips. He had never thought that kissing a man could feels this right, especially it’s his friend, his close friend for godsake. He could see nino’s hazel eyes were all droopy, his pale skin got more colour than usual, and those swollen lips makes he wanted to smashed it with his. Their kiss broke when they both panting to inhale some oxygen.Sho started to put his hands on nino’s exposed skin. But, when he could trace it further, suddenly nino pulled the older man’s hand from his waist.

“y-you don’t want to?”

The other man didn’t say anything, he just stare him meaningfully.


“I didn’t know that you would do that seriously …” nino pouted when he pulled the blanket to cover his body

“eh? Didn’t you ask me to do it?” sho turn his head to the gamer now

“but I didn’t expect you’ll do that for real. In my mind was, when I asked you to kiss me, you’ll refuse it with a blushing face and I’ll continue teasing you from that. I didn’t expect that you would pull my chin and kissed me for 10 minutes from that! I was thinking that you’ll remember that I had just recovered so you won’t kiss me for that long 10 minutes!In the morning! And guess what? You did that to me right after those 10 long minutes! … ”nino’s pout grew more. Sho just chuckled seeing the gamer chattering because of the incident he made by himself

“but you don’t reject it as well, right?” sho’s words could make nino’s chattering ended and replaced by a crimson blush on its cheeks.

“dammit Sakurai! Shut up!! If only my clothes aren’t this far from my hands and I’m not barely naked like this, I’ll run to a police station and screamed there that you raped me!” the pouts were there again. Sho put a smug grin on his face, and pulled nino to his embrace as he pecked the gamer’s head lightly.

“I love you too kazunari~”

A/N : i'm failed *sat in the corner* idk why but there's something wrong whenever i tried to cut the text =3= okay, whatever, the important thing is i managed to finished it!!! XDD btw comments are loved yo~ ;)

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